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combo tea box

Confused about which tea to pick? Uncertain about your perfect blend? Dive into our Combo Tea Box – a delightful assortment of high-quality tea samples. 

Each petite pack brews 2-3 times, ensuring you feel the flavor before committing to your ideal tea journey. Let's simplify your tea experience together

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Gaiwan - Perfect for all tea types-Orientaleaf

Which is better for brewing tea, Gaiwan or Purple Clay Teapot/Yixing Teapot?

By Cary Woo

1. The characteristics of Gaiwan and Purple Clay Teapot 1.1 Characteristics of Purple Clay Teapot 1.2 Characteristics of Gaiwan 2. The brewing comparison between purple clay teapot and Gaiwan 3....

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Why does drinking tea make my mouth dry? How to avoid this?-Orientaleaf

Why does drinking tea make my mouth dry? How to avoid this?

By Cary Woo

Drinking tea can lead to dry mouth for several reasons besides tannins in water. Allow us to provide you with practical tips to prevent this issue.

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How to Choose Pu-erh Tea? 4 Steps to Evaluate an Excellent Pu-erh Tea

How to Choose Pu-erh Tea? With Our Unbeatable 4-step method

By Cary Woo

Choose Pu-erh tea with our unbeatable 4-step method. From now on, never doubt yourself when choosing the best Pu-erh tea. With our foolproof guide, you'll always feel confident and satisfied...

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How to Choose and Brew Fu Brick Tea?-Orientaleaf

How to Choose and Brew Fu Brick Tea? 4 Selection Tips and 5 Brewing Methods

By Cary Woo

Fu Brick tea is excellent for controlling body weight, reducing blood fat, and anti-oxidation. We offer 4 foolproof tips for selecting the best Fu Brick tea and 5 effective brewing...

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