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We run a tea room in Xi'an since 2018


We run a tea room in Xi'an since 2018 named '屿山'

'屿' signifies a small island or a group of small islands, and '山' means mountain. Therefore, '屿山' can be understood as meaning "mountain of small islands" or "mountain composed of clustered islands," with the hope that guests can experience a picturesque, tranquil, and beautiful ambiance here.

It was a space where guests gathered to sip tea, engage in conversations, and embrace leisurely moments. This teahouse experience not only provided a haven for relaxation but also forged close relationships between us and tea farmers and tea suppliers.


We only sell tea that we would drink ourselves

We directly source small batches of high-quality, handcrafted teas from tea farmers. Additionally, we procure premium-quality teas directly from the source, ensuring both quality and reasonable pricing. Most importantly, all the teas we sell are varieties that we have personally selected through multiple purchases and tastings over the past five years.


Online tea store

One day in the deep autumn of 2023, I had a sudden inspiration, driven by my passion and belief in authentic Chinese tea. A dream sprouted within me: to let friends from all around the world savor the unique essence of Chinese tea. 

I firmly believe that Chinese tea culture is a one-of-a-kind treasure on a global scale. Thus, I decided to make it my mission to share this treasure with every tea enthusiast out there. It's a small dream of mine, hoping that through a cup of tea, the profound richness of Chinese culture can be conveyed, making the fragrance and taste of tea a bridge connecting different cultures.


The name OrienaLeaf is derived from "The Classic of Tea" 《茶经》, it is a work by Lu Yu 陆羽, the Tea Sage of the Tang Dynasty唐朝. It is the earliest, most complete, and comprehensive monograph on tea in China and even the world, often hailed as the encyclopedia of tea. This influential work has profoundly shaped the tea-drinking habits of people in East Asia.

The first sentence of The Classic of Tea states: "Tea, the excellent wood of the southern regions."茶者,南方之嘉木也. It emphasizes that the essence of tea comes from trees in the south-China, with "oriental" referring to the ancient Oriental nation and "leaf" to tree leaves.

Our Philosophy

As we embark on this tea journey, we hold the following beliefs:

Easy Brewing

Brewing Chinese tea is simple and accessible, even for beginners. If you have a Gongfu tea set, no problem—we'll assist you in brewing various types of tea. If you've never tried brewing Chinese tea before, don't worry. We'll recommend the simplest brewing tools and help you experience the beauty of Chinese tea.

Diverse yet Simple Selection

The selection of Chinese tea is both diverse and straightforward. We offer carefully chosen tea leaves suitable for both tea enthusiasts and beginners. We are committed to providing a limited but meticulously selected variety of tea leaves, ensuring they come from reliable sources with guaranteed quality and reasonable prices.

Quality Over Quantity

We firmly believe in prioritizing quality over quantity. Each tea leaf is selected through multiple tastings and rigorous criteria. Whether you seek traditional flavors or are looking for novel experiences, we have teas to meet your taste preferences.


We are not just a tea supplier but a companion on your tea journey. Through our teas, we aim to convey the profound cultural essence of China, making each cup a starting point for sharing beautiful moments with family and friends.


From humble beginnings, we focus on producing Fu tea(茯茶, Dark tea bricks), Selenium-rich green tea(紫阳富硒茶), Hanzhong Immortal's Fluff (汉中仙毫), and black tea from the Qinling Mountain(秦岭) region.

Additionally, we complement our offerings with a small selection of Puerh and White tea sourced from our long-term suppliers.

Finally, we also offer wholesale services for tea lovers of Chinese tea worldwide. Please contact us HERE and we believe we will select the right tea products for you.