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We sell teas that we love and selected

We don't sell inferior teas.

We have always been searching for high-quality tea at reasonable prices.We only sell teas that we love, and these teas have been sold in our tea house for many years.

If you share our philosophy and wish to expand your tea sales business, company procurement needs, or gift giving needs, Orientaleaf is your best choice.
We have been working in the tea B2C and B2B industries for 6 years, serving thousands of tea enthusiasts and tea professionals. We have established strong partnerships with tea farmers and tea suppliers. With rich experience, knowledgeable teams, and facilities, we can help you profit from the growing demand for high-quality Chinese tea. welcomes tea houses, tea rooms, shops, restaurants, cafes, e-commerce, and even individuals for wholesale business.

Our Advantages

  • High-quality.
  • Full range of Chinese teas.
  • Continuous and stable supply capability.
  • Extremely competitive pricing advantage.
  • 24x7 service.

Helping you profit in a rapidly growing industry.

We Offer You

We provide Chinese high-quality tea, tea ware, and packaging for tea houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, corporate purchases, and online distribution. We believe we can provide you with all the services related to high-quality Chinese tea, satisfying your needs in business expansion, online sales, and various usage scenarios, and profitable.

Tea wholesale: We offer various specialty teas from the six major categories of Chinese tea, including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, dark tea, Pu'er tea, white tea, and rare tea varieties, for wholesale purchase.

Teaware wholesale: We also provide tea ware for commercial use in tea houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, and various consumer Chinese teaware, including covered bowls, tea trays, tea tools, teapots, innovative tea ware, and auxiliary tea ware. We can provide customized tea ware according to your requirements.

Tea packaging: We offer various tea packaging, including self-sealing tea bags, aluminum foil sealed bags, plant material tea bags, metal, ceramic, glass sealed tea cans, tea gift packaging, and related customization services.

Customization services: We can provide packaging, labeling, tea ware product customization, and tea gift box customization services according to your requirements.

Qualified Products

The tea and food contact products we sell have obtained China's food safety certification and comply with the requirements of food safety laws and regulations.

Procurement Process

After confirming the purchase details via email, you can make payment through credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, etc. The minimum purchase amount is $200, and we offer sea and air delivery. All goods are shipped from China.

We do not provide dropshipping services. The products you order will be shipped directly to our wholesale customers, not to their customers.

Tea, tea ware, and packaging may be shipped separately, depending on the optimal shipping cost. In general, we will ship most products within 1-5 working days. Shipping within China takes about 2-3 days, and shipping to North American addresses takes about 7-15 working days. We cannot guarantee the customs clearance time. Shipping times will be delayed during major Chinese holidays such as the Spring Festival and National Day.


We welcome you to request tea samples. The sample fee will be fully refunded after purchase.

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