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Everything You Need to Know About Tangerine Puerh

Written by: Cary Woo



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Tangerine Puerh Tea, also called Puerh Orange, is a unique tea that combines Puerh tea with tangerine peel. This tea is usually made by filling Pu'er tea into tangerines and then allowing the tea leaves to absorb the flavor of the tangerine through fermentation over time. Such tea has a unique taste and aroma, blending the mellow flavor of Pu'er tea with the refreshing taste of tangerine. Tangerine Puerh Tea is believed to aid digestion and lower cholesterol, making it a popular choice among tea drinkers.

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"We only sell teas that we have personally enjoyed and believe to be of high quality."

Cary Woo

How is Tangerine Puerh Tea Made?

Hello, everyone. Today, we will introduce you to how Tangerine Puerh tea is made. Green oranges are small green oranges produced in Xinhui, Guangdong. First, make a 25—to 30-millimeter hole in one end of the pulp. Then, make a hole of about eight to ten millimeters at the other end of the fruit. Then, take the lid off and use a spoon to remove all the pulp inside. Wash it with water until there is no residue of pulp in it.

Next, put the tea that needs to be filled with the larger end facing up, then place it neatly on the dustpan and put this dustpan into a special tea container. Put a grid on top of it, and then pour the cooked Pu'er tea into the grid. Start the machine, which has a vibrating motor on the bottom. The vibration of the motor and manual work help fill the pure tea into the small green orange.

Using ripe small green oranges is better because they are more tender. The tea leaves may start to feel like dust, but it's not. Then, spread the tea leaves evenly by hand and fill them tightly into the pulp. Turn off the machine after filling and remove the grid. Take out the whole dustpan of pure tea. When you take out the small green oranges, manually press the tea leaves in more tightly again to ensure each pulp is filled tightly.

The filled pulp needs to be sun-dried for three to five days. This allows the tea leaves inside to absorb the fragrance of the small green oranges. Finally, dry it manually to ensure that the moisture is controlled within a standard level. This way, Tangerine Puerh tea can be stored for a long time.

 tangerine puerh tea-puerh orange-Orientaleaf

3 Brewing Methods for Tangerine Puerh Tea

The first method is the fliptop brewing method. Begin by opening the packaging and taking out a complete Tangerine Puerh tea. Open the lid of the tangerine and place Tangerine Puerh tea into a covered bowl. Rinse the tea leaves with boiling water for the first time, discarding the tea soup. This step removes surface dust and enhances the tea's fragrance.

For the second brewing, wait for 5 seconds and gradually increase the steeping time to ensure a better taste. This method allows for a more resistant brewing process, with the Zhao Kinguin's taste blending well with the tea soup. It's relatively easy to operate and not demanding.

 tangerine puerh tea-puerh orange-Orientaleaf

The second method is perforated drilling and brewing. Use a tea needle to drill small holes around the tangerine puerh tea, ensuring the tea leaves remain inside. Place the tangerine puerh tea on a tea strainer and slowly pour boiling water over it. This method offers a better taste and moderate aroma concentration, with high resistance to brewing.

The third method is the broken skin brewing method. Break the tangerine puerh tea ball into pieces and place them in a covered bowl. Rinse the Tangerine Puerh tea with boiling water for the first brewing, discarding the water. Gradually increase the steeping time after five infusions. This method allows for flexible adjustment of tea and tangerine peel amount according to taste preferences.

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Carefully Selected Tangerine Puerh Tea for You

"The Tengma Tangerine Puerh tea has a smooth and mellow taste with a hint of fruitiness. It is a great choice for tea enthusiasts looking for a unique flavor profile."

Sophia B.

2014 Tengma Ripe Tangerine Puerh Tea


  • Tangerine: Produced in Tianma, the core production area. Rich aroma, high freshness.
  • Ripe Puerh: Produced in Yunnan
  • Aged since 2014.
  • A delightful tea experience also brings potential health benefits.


In terms of flavor, Tangerine Puerh Tea boasts a rich, aged aroma and distinctive citrus notes, resulting in a reddish-brown infusion. The infusion carries a refreshing and crisp taste, thanks to the infusion of tangerine, making it more approachable for newcomers to Pu-erh tea than traditional varieties.
Throughout the aging process, this Tangerine Puerh Tea retains the essence of the tea leaves, resulting in a bold and flavorful profile.



The Author: Cary Woo

Cary Woo has been working in the tea industry for over 10 years and has run a tea house for over 6 years, serving thousands of tea enthusiasts each year. He has a deep passion for various types of Chinese tea and is also the operator of Orientaleaf. He advocates for Orientaleaf's business philosophy, stating, "We only sell tea that we have personally enjoyed and believe to be of high quality." He hopes to make the beauty of Chinese tea accessible to tea enthusiasts worldwide through simple means.

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